Restoration and Sales of the Incomparable

Sunbeam T Series Radiant Control Toaster

Sunbeam Radiant Control Toasters were produced by Sunbeam Corporation in Chicago, Illinois beginning with the T-20, and then the T-20 A, B, C and then the T-35, T-40, VT-40, 20-30, and AT-W, among others. No matter which series or model, Sunbeam Radiant Control toasters built between 1949 and 1997 are the finest and best ever built by any manufacturer before or after; they are without peer. Sunbeam Products proudly advertised these toasters as “Automatic Beyond Belief” and rightly so!

T-20-B Main

My Pledge to You

If, for any reason, you have trouble with your toaster for one year from the date of purchase, I will pay to have it shipped back to me, repair it, and then send back to you at no cost. This does not apply to international shipping only Contiguous United States.

As with any small appliance with an open heating element, unplug the toaster after each use. DO NOT leave the toaster plugged in when not in use. I cannot accept responsibility for any personal damage caused by the toaster.


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