My Sunbeam Story

I grew up with my mother’s Sunbeam T-20-B. She received it as a wedding present in 1955, and after she passed away, I got it. I enjoy toast nearly every day! My grandmother also had one, and I am fortunate to have both of them. So, I have known toast only the Sunbeam way for my entire life. Of course, I’ve suffered through toast made from other toasters, but even at a very early age, I could identify the difference between toast made in Mom’s Sunbeam T-20-B and toast made in other brands. Currently, I use mom’s toaster for 6 months then switch to Grandmother’s for 6 months.

I enjoy restoring these wonderful toasters. I got started when I learned of friends being frustrated with their modern toaster. I’d find one, restore it, and give it to a friend in need of excellent toast, instead of their usual too-light or burnt toast! At first, it took me forever to finish one, but now I can disassemble, restore, and reassemble them in my sleep.

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